The presents have been unwrapped, the extended family has gone home, and the leftovers are slowly but surely starting to dwindle. The New Year is just around the corner and people all over the world are starting to think about how they want to live in 2017. For a lot of people, this means making a few New Year’s Resolutions. Whether you’re looking to expand your mind or widen your social circle, Campus No. 805 can help you achieve some of the most popular resolutions for the new year.

Spend more time with friends:

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of work, family life, and daily routine, and connecting with friends can often slide to the bottom of the to-do list. If you are hoping to spend more time with the people that make you happy, Campus No. 805 is a great place to meet up! You could experience some fun and healthy competition with a game of trivia at Lone Goose, or you could catch up over dinner at Rock ‘n’ Roll Sushi or Earth and Stone Wood Fired Pizza. There is so much to do at Campus No. 805 that making memories with your best friends will be easy!

Read More:

Reading is a great way to expand your mind, learn new things, and relax. Plus, diving into a good book and being transported to a whole new world is a great way to escape the stress of a busy work day! If you want to read more but aren’t quite sure where to start, Yellowhammer Brewing hosts a monthly book club meeting where people can get together and talk about what they’ve been reading lately. You can come away with some great suggestions, plus make a new friend or two.

Give back to the community:

Whether you donate your time or your money (or both!), giving back to the community is a great New Year’s resolution. In addition to the good it does to the community, surveys have shown that those who give back feel better about themselves, have better overall health, and have learned new skills. Campus No. 805 is no stranger to fundraisers and benefits, so make sure you keep an eye on our Facebook page and calendar to see any upcoming opportunities, like the Brews to Benefit events at Straight to Ale on Mondays.

Shop local more often:

Buying goods and services from small, local businesses is beneficial in so many ways. It boosts the economy, supports community, and contributes to the uniqueness of Huntsville. Plus, buying from smaller, independent businesses often comes with more personal, one-on-one service. Along with the breweries and restaurants at Campus No. 805, buying things you want or need at VapeSouth and Wish You Were Beer is great for both you and the Huntsville community as a whole!

Try a new look:

The year 2017 is brand new with opportunities for a fresh start. Why not change up your hairstyle to match your shiny new outlook and optimism for the year ahead? Fringe Salon at Campus No. 805 offers cut, color, wave, blow-out, and styling appointments and can tackle almost any hair challenge you throw at them. Chop off five inches? Sure! Add bangs? Absolutely! Put in some hot pink highlights? You got it! Give them a call today to talk with a stylist and get ready to turn some heads.

Good luck on your resolutions this year, and see you on Campus soon!