In a video released today, developers unveiled the name of the entire 13-acre mixed-use development project that will include Yellowhammer Brewing, Straight to Ale, and more at the former Roy L. Stone Middle School near the intersection of Triana Boulevard, Clinton Avenue and Governors Drive in West Huntsville.

Campus No. 805 is the official name for the development that will be home to at least two major craft breweries, a public recreational lawn, and a wide range of mixed-use elements expected to include restaurants, retail shops, and special event venues.

“We wanted a name that properly honored the history of the facility and the neighborhood around it,” said Randall Schrimsher, Campus No. 805’s developer.

“The name Campus No. 805 not only gives us a unique and accurate way to describe the entire campus development, but also allows us to honor the neighborhood around it and the generations of Huntsvillians that walked through its halls .”

Campus No. 805 is located in West Huntsville’s 35805 zip code.

In addition to the recognition of the neighborhood around the development, the Campus No. 805 logo features several references to the facility’s history and architecture. The main facility’s art deco spires, found in architectural features throughout the campus, are also the focal point of Campus No. 805’s visual identity.

Huntsville-based Matheny Goldmon Architects is the designer of the development

New renderings of Campus No. 805 revealed updated signage and an updated look at the front and west sides of the development.

Schrimsher added that the interest in the project has been overwhelming and more announcements about the development are coming soon.

“Campus No. 805 has the opportunity to be a game-changing destination for west Huntsville and our entire city,” said Schrimsher. “The project is developing a great deal of enthusiasm in the community and we’re working to make sure that continues.”


The main building at Campus No. 805 opened in 1952 and was the original S.R. Butler High School. The facility was later repurposed as Roy L. Stone Middle School.

Roy L. Stone Middle School was closed by the Huntsville City Schools system in 2009.

The Huntsville City Schools Board of Education authorized Superintendent Dr. Casey Wardynski to enter into an an agreement with Schrimsher, a private developer, to acquire the property in 2014.

In conjunction with the redevelopment, the City of Huntsville purchased 4 acres of the nearly 13-acre site for green space, parking and a large performance lawn between Straight to Ale and Yellowhammer Brewery.

Construction on Campus No. 805 officially began in September 2014. Parts of the development are scheduled to open in Fall 2015.


When in print, the development should be stylized as Campus No. 805. When spoken, the development should be referred to simply as “Campus 805.”

The official website and social media accounts for Campus No. 805 are:


Renderings are provided courtesy of Matheny Goldmon Architects.

(June 16, 2015)