At Campus No. 805, we pride ourselves in going above and beyond to make our clients’ events run as smoothly as possible. We love hearing feedback, and wanted to share some notes from a recent client of ours, Hannah, who married her husband Ryan at the Stone Event Center on New Year’s Eve.

C805: Why did you decide to have your wedding at the SEC?


H: Ryan and I loved the idea of having the venue, the caterer and the alcohol taken care of in one package. We decided to have the ceremony in the venue as well, so booking SEC took a lot off my to do list. It honestly was a no brainer for us!


C805: How was your experience with Bubba’s Silver Spoon Catering?


H: Bubba and his staff were amazing! I was a little nervous at first when he told me I didn’t need to pick a menu until about a week and a half before my wedding. I wanted to cross that off my to do list! But when the time came, I met with Ray to discuss the menu and he graciously answered every question we had and made wonderful suggestions for menu pairing. The food was delicious! Our guests are still talking about it a month later.

C805: What are some of the benefits of having an event at Campus 805?


H: When you book the venue, you get to use Bubba’s Catering for your event plus the SEC bar & bartenders, so it took a lot off stress off of me to have it all in one place. My fiancé loved the fact that we were able to have beer from all the breweries and our guests loved that, too!


C805: Is there anything in particular that a staff member did that you feel was above and beyond?


H: The event coordinator, Marianne, went above and beyond to make sure everything was perfect for my day. I came in with the idea of wanting to use the room for the ceremony and reception with a quick flip of the room in between. Marianne made it happen and the guests barely noticed anything was happening!

I also want to mention that Bubba went out of his way to help make my day perfect. I brought my dog to get wedding pictures with me and my husband. He escaped from the building while we were getting bride and groom portraits made and Bubba, his son and my mom chased him down and brought him back without me even knowing anything had happened.

Thank you so much, Hannah and Ryan, for choosing to have your wedding at Campus No. 805! If you are interested in hosting an event in the Stone Event Center, give us a call today at 256-519-6212!