At Campus No. 805, we pride ourselves in going above and beyond to make our clients’ events run as smoothly as possible. We love hearing feedback, and wanted to share some notes from a recent client of ours, Ms. Candy Burnett, who organized the Grissom High School 1976 Reunion in the Stone Event Center.

C805: Why did you decide to host your event at Campus 805?

CB: Repurposing Stone Middle School into an event venue was a brilliant idea, in my opinion.  It was sad to see such a beautiful school sit empty for so many years, and Campus 805 (cool name too, by the way!) has really “dressed up” that busy intersection.  I thought that our Grissom High School classmates would enjoy having our reunion in a school setting and, as it turned out, many of the boys in our class had played Stone in basketball, and wrestled there, when we were in junior high school – so it was quite nostalgic!

C805: What was it like working with our staff to plan all the details?

CB: Joyce [the Campus manager], Ray [of Bubba’s Silver Spoon Catering] and the staff were extremely accommodating and helpful.  They took care of all of our requests and needs, before and during the reunion.

C805: During the planning process, how satisfied were you with your communication with Campus 805 staff?

CB: Campus 805 was still under construction when we began planning our reunion, but Joyce was great to show us the facility and describe the décor and features in the Cafeteria (I love that Campus 805 “stayed true” to the names of the venue areas – especially Detention Hall!).  Joyce and Ray kept me up to date on construction progress and promptly responded to my phone calls and email requests.

C805: What were you expecting with your event at the Stone Event Center? Did it meet your expectations?

CB: I expected construction to be completed(!), and the Cafeteria to be beautiful and set up according to our plans, and I expected the staff to be efficient, courteous and helpful.  Every expectation was met, and then some.

C805: What are some of the benefits of having an event at Campus 805?

CB: In addition to being such a novel venue, and offering a great alternative for Madison County event planners, Campus 805 is centrally located in Huntsville, parking is sufficient (and free!) – and as an added bonus, there are local breweries “on campus” so that guests can continue the party after the main event ends.

C805:   Would you recommend the Stone Event Center to someone looking to throw an event?

CB: Absolutely!  Great venue, wonderful staff.

C805Is there anything else you’d like to say about your experience hosting an event at the Stone Event Center on Campus 805?

CB: We hosted a Huntsville Hospital Foundation event at Campus 805 in August, and we just signed a contract to host our signature event for Madison Hospital at Campus 805 in February.  Best wishes for continued success!!

Thank you so much, Ms. Burnett, for choosing to host your event at Campus No. 805! If you are interested in hosting an event in the Stone Event Center, give us a call today at 256-519-6212!