There’s a new kid in class at Campus No. 805. Offbeat Coffee Studio is moving into the Stone Center to offer a new kind of brew.

Owners Anna and Kyle Husband have a mission to be different; maybe a little offbeat. Their extra spin is a fully-stocked record store within a craft coffee shop.

“We want to have a sense of nostalgia,” said Anna. “We have a manual espresso machine, vinyl records, and use film to take photos for Instagram. Everything we do is hands-on and curated from beginning to end.”

Growing up, Anna’s parents owned and operated coffee shops, and Anna plans to emulate one of their top items – specialty coffee drinks.

“Coffee doesn’t have to be this pretentious, serious, unattainable thing,” said Huntsville native Kyle Husband. “We want to bring it down to earth a little bit. We want to have the information and knowledge of a coffee sommelier, but we also want fun, quirky drinks.”

Offbeat Coffee Studio will be one of the inaugural members of Downtown Huntsville’s Craft Coffee Trail. Their menu will include purist coffee items such as cortados, cappuccinos and lattes, as well as tea, pour-overs, cereal milk lattes and baked goods.

Located on the first floor of the Stone Center in the Detention Hall, Offbeat Coffee Studio will be open for business seven days a week, beginning in March. More information is available on the Offbeat Coffee Studio’s Facebook page.